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i wrote a song

ok so i wrote this song and i wanna test it (its sorta a homestuck fansong)
if the gets enough reblogs i will sing and record it than post it on tumblr:

[Chorus] (sing)

im watching memories pass me by

their going so fast and i dont know why

im seeing memories of you fade to black

you’ve been gone for so long and i want you back

[Verse 1] (rap)

your memories fade away

but truthfully i want them to stay

though the good and the bad

even though we lost everything we had

im livin’ off memories of yesterday

none of it can go away 

it has to stay

memories made us who we are today

[Insert chorus here] (rap]

sadly along this road

we had to pay a heavy toll

to see blood splattered

before none of this really mattered

to all the ones i care for

im taking this from my core

that i love you even if i wont show it

you just had to know it

before i meet my end

you’ve always been my friend

just when im gone

i hope my memories will live on

[Bridge] (sing)

to have had all this pain

theres no one to blame

my closest friend

i lost in the end

and since you’ve been gone

i always sing your song